Saturday, June 19, 2010

What Do You Give Your Dad Boss for Father's Day?

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Father's Day is celebrated in the U.S. tomorrow, Sunday, June 20, 2010. A perfect gift to give your Dad Boss is a book written for fathers. Of course you can choose a book on a topic the father loves, such as a favorite sports team. But, I love giving a children's book about a father's love for his children that the father can read to his children. A book written for father's in family section of a book store is a great gift too.

Click here to see our list of children's book for Father's Day.

If you prefer just making a gift with the children to give to their father, here are some fun gift ideas for Father's Day:

A personalized mug: Buy a kit at the craft store and have the children paint or color the mug for their father.

Picture frame: Either buy an inexpensive frame for the children to decorate or they can make their own gluing together Popsicle sticks or craft sticks. Place a photo of the child(ren) in the frame as a keepsake.

A personalized t-shirt, cap, or tie: Using fabric paints children can personalize clothing for their father.

Hand print stepping stone: Kits for hand print stepping stones are available at craft stores.

Tennis balls or golf balls: What sport does the father play? Purchase equipment for the sport.

Sports team t-shirts or caps: Find the father's favorite sports team clothing at a local sports store.

Do you give a gift to your Dad Boss for Father's Day? If, so what do you give?


Nanny Allison said...

I don't buy a gift, I feel its my mom boss's job to do that. In the past I had bought gifts like golf balls and tennis balls for my Dad Boss. But as I've been nannying 15 years now I don't bother anymnore. Really shouldn't have to spend my hard earned money on a silly gift. I do still get the parents one gift for their birthdays and Christmas though, but heart felt more than expensive. I feel we don't make enough to buy gifts for the parents, kids you must though.

AuPairDebbie said...

I wish I saw this earlier. I just asked the kids to make a card for their dad but they made a lot already at school.

Charlotte said...

Do nannies really do this? Who has the extra time and money? I do not give the Dad Boss a Father's Day gift. He's not MY father. Gifts are the responsibility of the Mom Boss. I have made the father's favorite dessert before though. For example, lemon tarts for one Dad and choc chip cookies for the other Dad.

Meredith said...

I actually don't but Father's Day gifts for my dad boss either. I think these are really sweet ideas but I would rather save them for Christmas too. I don't buy birthday gifts for the parents either, just the kids.

Tobago Nanny said...

This year we made a scrapbook. Last year I had the kids make a paperweight one year. They decorate a medium sized rock. We used tempura paint and sequins and glitter. After the paperweight has dried, add felt to the bottom and wrap ut in tissue paper and ribbon.

Sherri Osborn said...

Why not try giving father's day coupons? You know, a coupon for a hug...

Anonymous said...

The kids and I just made him a cake from a mix. I think it's a great gift and activity making his favorite dessert since you can use the family's ingredients and it's fun for the kids to help out. I do like your idea of a children's book though too because it's simple and inexpensive.

Anonymous said...

I feel terrible. Am I the only one not giving my boss a father's day gift? They don't even give me a birthday gift so I'm not spending a dime on their father's day. I can buy my brothers and my own father a gift and that's enough!

Heather said...

We made cupcakes.

Reyna said...

Can't go wrong with dessert or photos! I've done photo albums and desserts but bigger gifts aren't necessary.
Reyna H NY

Steph 6 said...

When I was a live in nanny I used to get gifts for the parents and kids for nearly every occasion. But as I've moved out and had other jobs I'm realizing I don't need to get the family members gifts for everything. They won't remember.

For example the family I work for has 6 members of 4 kids and 2 parents. That's a lot of people to buy gifts from. I work for them, they pay me, then I should take that money and buy them gifts??

I still buy each child a bday gift and Hannukah gift and will do that for all jobs in the future. But father's day, mother's day, parent's birthdays, gifts.

I am very willing to help the kids make a card or these ideas on your list above are great if I use the parents' money for the crafts and gifts from the kids.