Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Be the Best Nanny Newsletter Holiday Gift-Giving Guide for Nannies and Au Pairs

Giving One Gift to Your Employers' Family
 Of the nannies that took our Be the Best Nanny Newsletter holiday gift-giving survey, 59% give a holiday gift to each member of their employers' family. While 59% of nannies give both the children and parents a holiday gift, only 3% of the survey participants give just one gift for the entire family.

Despite only 3% of our survey respondents give one gift to their employers' family, it is completely appropriate for nannies to give one gift rather than individual gifts.

Many survey participant like to give tickets to a play, musical, concert, or show. For example, 28 nannies answered they have given the family they work for tickets to the Nutcracker as a holiday gift. Others have given each member of the family tickets to local child-friendly plays like Beauty and the Beast and holiday concerts such as Handel's Messiah.

Survey participant recommend giving the entire family a scrapbook including photos of the children they took over the year.

A less expensive family gift survey participants have given include a board game. Seven nannies have given the entire family matching pajamas. Another idea shared in the survey included a hand-assembled gift basket containing a child age-appropriate DVD, hot chocolate mix, and microwave popcorn.

When buying holiday gifts this season, it is fine to keep to a budget. Consider the sentiment and meaning of the gift is much more important than a high price tag.

If you buy one gift for the entire family how much do you spend?

44% No more than $75.
31% No more than $50.
19% Under $30.
6% I have no budget, I just but what I think they will love.
0% No more than $100

Stop by tomorrow for the gift list that nannies and au pairs are giving to their employers' this holiday season.


Reyna said...

Thanks for providing this topic. I struggle with the decisions each year. I really really needed these ideas. I've done the play tix, scrapbooks, gift certificates... running out of ideas. Can't wait for more ideas tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

I made a calendar on with pictures of the kids.

appreciative mom said...

I would never criticize a gift given by a nanny. Parents / employers are to thank the empolyee, not the other way around. I appreciate any gift, but please not extravagant. We don't want you to waste your money on us, but on your family and loved ones too.