Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Winter Car Emergency Kit

All drivers in areas that expect snow should have an emergency winter kit for the trunk of their car.

The kit should have:

1. flares

2. blanket (waterproof preferred)

3. extra boots

4. energy bars

5. waterproof gloves

6. water-proof pants

7. ice scraper

8. small snow shovel

9. flashlight

10. kitty litter (for traction when stuck in the snow).

What else should be included in a winter car emergency kit?


lovebeingananny said...

A candle and matches for cars. My aunt was caught in a blizzard stuck 10 hrs and she swears the candle saved her life. They make them in tins safe for the car. Keep the matches in a ziploc bag. It was a little heat when there was none.

The waterproof blanket is brilliant. My mother bought us all one for our cars which looks like aluminum but is made to create warmth when there is none and waterproof is so important.

Extra socks, glove, hat it plastic bag in trunk. Nothing worse than wet extremities.

polly psi said...

Water, a fully charged cell phone and pieces of carpet for traction could also be useful. Extra windshield cleaner fluid might be needed.

Lisa said...

In some places you can find these glove heat packs.

Extra batteries

Other types of food too, if you know you will be driving in snow for any length of time. Likewise a thermos of something hot. (Can tell I'm from Wisconsin.)

If you don't normally bundle up, and I don't like to when I drive, bring along the scarf and hat anyway.

A battery radio, so you don't drain the car's.

Also I am big on not listening to my car radio, but know where to turn it to locally for traffic updates.

Reading material to keep my mind off the stress while waiting for help.

Angelica Emmanuel said...

You should also include candles and matches.. if you have one, a gas lamp would do better. An insulated water tumbler may be useful too, in case someone willing to share some hot water passes by.