Sunday, December 12, 2010

Puttin On the Glitz

Martha Stewart Crafts™ Glitter

We all know most nannies and au pairs are crafty. And since there's still plenty of time to make holiday decorations and gifts with your charges, for Product Review Sunday we highly recommend downloading a coupon for Martha Stewart Crafts™ fine glitter. The coupon can be used at Michael's stores. Click here to download the coupon.

Here are some craft ideas to use the Martha Stewart Crafts glitter:

Glitter Ball Ornament:
1. In a cupcake wrapper or glitter tray, mix 4 parts Verdelite glitter with 1 part Sterling glitter.
2. Apply glittering glue to a plain ball ornament with a brush.
3. Sprinkle all over with the glitter mixture, shaking off excess. Let dry.

Glitter Stripe Tags:
1. Cut an assortment of tag shapes in various sizes from craftstock.
2. Apply a strip of double-sided tape at an angle to the bottom of a tag. Trim it even with the tag’s edge. Remove the tape backing and sprinkle with Smoky Quartz glitter.
3. Apply another strip and glitter with Florentine Gold.
4. Punch a hole at the top and string with ribbon or baker’s twine.
5. Experiment with different arrangements of strips, including weaving strips together or mixing thick and thin widths.



Steph 6 said...

I haven't much time to make much with the kids this year with school and after school acitivites. But, on Friday we started making paper garland and next week sometime I hope to make a gingerbread house kit with the kids.

lovebeingananny said...

Me too steph ashton: I am hoping to use a gingerbread house kit to do with the kids! I also like making cut out sugar cookies with them so they can decorate them. Makes a terrible mess but still love doing it each year.

Fiona Littleton said...

A few yrs ago you had how to make homemade salt dough ornaments in your newsletter. I make them every year now with the kids. Just take any cookie cutters you like to cut out the dough. Cook them to dry them. Then paint them the next day. I use a sharpie pen to write to and from on the ornament. You can seal with clear acrylic paint then string a ribbon thru it. Another option is gluing magnets to the back of the ornament.

Anonymous said...

we've made craft stick picture frames for the tree! And standing rain deer for the windows.

Anonymous said...

Anybody else put cloves into oranges? Well the kids and I did it and the smell is so spicy!! We are switching to stringing popcorn garland and make some gingerbread cookies this upcoming week.
Imani O

Anonymous said...

The children and i have been making ornaments for the children to give their extened family as christmas presents. we have been using clear glass ball and painting them coloured paints, covered in sparkle mod podge and then paining on designs. we also found some nice glass paint and use this with stick on led lighting strips. they all look really good. and were haivng lots of fun making them