Friday, December 10, 2010

Best Holiday Gift Giving-Guide for Nannies and Au Pairs

What are the Best Holiday Gifts You Have Given Your Employers?

All this week we posted the results of the Be the Best Nanny Newsletter holiday gift-giving survey for nannies and au pairs.

We learned that 59% of nannies and au pairs give a gift for each member of their employers family including the parents and 48% of our survey participants spend less than $30 per gift. 55% of survey participants answered they spend less than $30 per gift they give to the parents. Of the nannies and au pairs that give only one gift to the entire family, 44% spend no more than $75 for the gift.

Yesterday, nannies and au pairs shared what gifts they are giving to their employers this year. Today, are some more ideas shared in our survey.

Michele, a nanny in New York city explains, "Every year I take a lot of photos in October and November and make calendars for all the members of the family including the grandparents. is a great value."

Karen Morgan, a nanny in Atlanta, GA says you can't go wrong with giving, "homemade cookies, massage gift certificates, picture books of fun times you have had with the kids."

April Krause, a nanny in the Metro Detroit MI area shares, "I love to do something personally from the kids to the parents, like a painting or a picture."

Kristin Grau, a nanny from Westland, MI advises, "Go with what your employer's interests are. Be creative! I made a gift basket for an old family once for family game night. I included a few board games, and cards, and all the makings to have pizza! They loved it."

Pam Perkins, a nanny in Las Colinas, TX likes to make, "Something homemade: I make a trail mix with equal parts of butterscotch chips, dry roasted peanuts, and raisins and put is in an attractive jar. It tastes like 'maple nut goodies' and is delicious!"

Melissa Mariconda, a nanny in Ridgewood, NJ says, "Take pictures of the kids! If you have the time, money, and means to pull off a surprise portrait session for the parents! They will have it to cherish for a lifetime. My employer's cried they were so happy! I also help my munchkins pick out and/or make presents for their parents. A great thing to do is go to a store like 'Color Me Mine.' The kids can pick-out an item to paint by themselves. And another great store is 'Wee Can Shop' in Hawthorne, NJ. There kids get their own shopping cart, pick out the item they want, pay for it, and pick out the gift-wrap! I love it!

Sarah Klink, a nanny from Atlanta, GA "Coupons for free babysitting are always appreciated by families and also doesn't cost the nanny any money."

Lauren, a nanny in Pittsburgh, PA answers, "I have the kids make presents for there parents. It is always fun to keep a fun secret, we'll try to."

Heather Spooner, a nanny in Atlanta, GA recommends, "In the past, I have handmade a gift certificate from me to the parents for a free night of babysitting. I have also cooked or baked things for them and wrapped it nicely."

An anonymous nanny from Silver Spring, MD says, "I try to buy something educational and fun. The thoughtfulness comes from finding something educational, inexpensive, that I know they will love. I never give candy or junk toys."

What are the best holiday gift you have ever given to your employers' family?


Fiona Littleton said...

I've been spending way too much according to your survey!

Anonymous said...

I've given scrapbooks, gift certificates, baked goods, tickets to ballet, you name it. They've all been great, I think.

Anonymous said...

I help the children make a gift for their parents. The parents will love things that you did with the kids that took time & thought much more than they might like a present you bought for them.

Michelle said...

Hand drawn pencil sketch of the children and frame it.