Saturday, September 10, 2011

First-Graders Assure a Nation After September 11

Review of September 12th...We Knew Everything Would be All Right by Masterson Elementary students of H. Bryon Masterson Elementary School

September 12th...We Knew Everything Would Be All Right is a great book for children and adults. It delivers a message of hope in the wake of the worst terrorist attack in U.S. history. The authors and illustrators of the book are 18 first-grade students from the J. Bryon Masterson Elementary School.

Once Mrs. Robertson's class came up with a story, students worked in pairs and in groups, sketching pictures for each of the book's 29 pages. Then, they added color to their pencil drawings with bright crayons to create their vibrant works of art.

The young authors remind readers that the world did not end on September 11.

How did the kids know everything would be all right? Because “the sun came up and the birds started to sing again.” Because “we came to school the same way. We saw our teacher smiling at the door….2+2 still added up to 4…. “

“On September 12, our parents still tucked us in our warm, safe beds…we knew we would be all right because our parents said they loved us."

The first-graders recall the familiar and comforting routines of going to school the following day, being greeted by their teacher, playing at recess, and doing homework.

In the end, the book's message is simple. When things happen that are bad, small children want to know that the world is still safe. This is a poignant message of hope that reassures us all that even after bad things happen, tomorrow is a new day.

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becky said...

This book sounds amazing. I wish I had heard about it before. This blog is a great resource.