Sunday, February 5, 2012

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Photo from JJ Cole
Car Seat Covers to Keep Kids Warm in the Winter

 If you care for an infant your favorite winter gear will become an infant car seat cover. Infant car seat covers are one of the easiest ways to ensure that a baby stays warm in the winter. The shower-cap style infant car seat covers offer the best combination of convenience and warmth, plus they don't interfere with the harness system on the baby's car seat. You don't have to fuss with extra blankets or coats, and when you're inside, you can just unzip the top of the car seat cover, or pop it off entirely, to allow access to baby. These winter infant car seat covers are the shower-cap style, and come in a range of prices and styles to meet your needs.

1. Jolly Jumper Sneak-a-Peek Infant Carseat Cover Deluxe
What I like most about the Jolly Jumper Sneak a Peek Sneak-a-Peek Infant carseat cover is in the title of the product, you can block the wind from the infant's face, but does not cover it entirely so you can always sneak-a-peek of the baby's face. It is great because it doesn't interfere with the carseat harness, but still keeps the baby warm and dry. It is very easy to put on and take off. The zipper feature makes it convenient to remove my infant from his seat when the baby is asleep.

2. SootheTime Cruisetime Cruise Cover
The weather proof material of this product is what stands out with this product from other car seat covers. The material is almost a raincoat on the outside for rainy days, but super soft on the inside, which is great since most others are fleece. The top of the car seat easily closes with Velcro. It looks really easy to wipe clean.

3. JJ Cole Car Seat Canopy
This shower-cap style car seat cover is made of a lighter weight fabric than most, and creates a little tent of warmth for a baby. Since the fabric is breathable, you can use it in slightly warmer months to keep rain or sun off the baby, too. The top of the car seat cover loops around the handle of the infant car seat, and the whole front comes open when you want to take baby out. The bottom edges are elasticized, though, to keep the whole thing in place.


4. Cozy Infant Car Seat Cover
This inexpensive infant car seat cover comes in a basic fleece and microfiber version or you can go for the stylish nylon version for winter. Both options will keep baby plenty warm. This winter car seat cover has three zippered sections. Two are below baby's neck, on either side of the cover, and help you get the baby in and out of the car seat easily. The third section is at baby's face, and can be closed entirely if it's very cold, but can be secured open, too, so it won't blow closed over baby's face when you don't want it to.They also have a sun and bug cover for the summer.

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