Thursday, February 9, 2012

What Politicians Could Learn from Nannies

Civics and the Nanny

On Monday we discussed how nannies can teach their charges kid-friendly lessons about the government and politics. And over the weekend we asked if nannies should talk to their charges about their political beliefs.

Today, we discuss how the lessons we teach the children in our care might be appropriate for politicians of all persuasions to learn.

By nature, kids are self-centered and demanding. As the child matures, the nanny (and the parents) introduce the expectation of individual responsibility and a strong work ethic to the child.

At the same time, the best nanny instills the child with a willingness to work individually or collectively for the common good, combined with group loyalty, empathy, a strong respect for authority, and a willingness to question injustice.

The best nanny instructs the child that the right and privilege of free speech must be partnered with respect, self-restraint, and self-censorship.

These traits, appear to be "either/or" characteristics for segments of the American political parties. In many ways, the simple but profound lessons a nanny teaches and models to her charges seem to be beyond the the comprehension and political ends of some elected officials.

Many politicians and political campaign ads display attitudes that are exactly opposite to the teachings from nannies to the children in their care. Our representatives would better serve the nation if they behaved according to the lessons the best nannies teach their charges.


Steph 6 said...

I had wrist surgery so I haven't been commenting lately. I think it's very difficult to discuss politics with your boss if you don't agree. Nannies should be allowed to put magnets on their car and wear hats and tshirts for the politician they support. I don't think they should discuss it with the kids unless the parents agree and it's unbiased.

Steph 6 said...

And good points. I would hope the presidential candidates read this. I would hate the kids see the personal attacks made by presidential canddiates.

Anonymous said...

I don't really discuss politics or religion with my boss.

Fiona Littleton said...

bravo we show much more respect than the political candidates.

Sara R. said...

Gotta say, I would like to feel free to support my candidate on my car... but I don't because I just do not want to bring that into my work relationship, since I know they disagree with me.

I try to teach my charges about good citizenship, respect for others and self, responsibility, etc., in a very unbiased way. I never bring up politics with my charges. It is not my place, and the ages I work with (so far all under 5) aren't really of age to understand any of that anyways.