Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Do You Agree With Nanny Agency That Economy is Improving?

Annie Davis
Seattle Company’s Annual Economic Prediction Based on Household Hiring

"As Clint Eastwood so aptly put it on Super Bowl Sunday -‒ It’s half time in America. And after the first fiscal quarter of business, I am confirming that America is on the way to touchdown and game change," says Annie Davis, founder of Seattle’s Annie’s Nannies, Inc., with the release of this year’s Annie’s Nannies Index or ANI.

Davis has released her annual economic prediction since 2009. It’s her belief that trends in the household staffing industry foretell what is coming for American families. "My staff and I call it the A-N-I after the D-J-I (Dow Jones Industrial Average)." Davis’ first ANI came at a time when America was realizing the economic low was not a passing fluke. It was a recession. Her prediction then was meant to hearten and included these words: "I've been in this business for nearly 25 years and each time an economic recovery is on its way, my business picks up. … things have started to turn around, so I'm predicting the worst is over."

She was right. 2012 prognostication:
"Annie’s Nannies has just completed its best first quarter since 2008, and it looks like spring is going to be just as good. People have faith again that we are moving the ball forward. I feel we will hit full recovery after the November elections. However, I have a caveat; we need to keep the person with experience in the President’s chair. As my grandfather used to say, ‘Don’t change horses in midstream.’ In the meantime, the ANI says we are on our way up.

It sure doesn't hurt that we have just begun another baby boom. I guess when people are concerned about money and don't go out; they stay home and make babies. So, perk up people, for most of us the good times are in play again!"

Annie’s Nannies Household Staffing was as founded in 1984 and was the first nanny agency in the Northwest. It is considered a model for agencies nationwide and was a Mayor’s Small Business Award winner in 2009. Davis is immediate past-president of the National Association of Premier Nanny Agencies, A Household Staffing Alliance (APNA) – a non-profit that helps set industry standards across the country. She would be happy to speak with you about the ANI or any issue related to child care, elder companions or household staffing. Contact: Annie Davis; (206) 227-1690;

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