Thursday, April 5, 2012

Spring Science at Home

How To Make People with Grass for Hair

1. Allow the child to decorate a rectangle of construction paper cut to fit a small milk container or Styrofoam cup. The child that made this cute plant holder is just two-years-old but I let her color the paper and then put stickers on the paper to make eyes since she's isn't capable of drawing eyes yet. Older kids can get very creative using stickers, paint, glitter, crayons and other arts and craft supplies to decorate their pot to look like a face.

2. Let the child fill the cup with potting soil so that there is about one-inch below the top of the soil and the rim of the cup. I allowed the little two-year-old to use a plastic spoon to shovel the dirt into the container.

3. Moisten the soil with water so that it feels damp.

4. Let the kids sprinkle grass seed on top of the damp soil. Then have them sprinkle more soil over the grass seed.

5. Place the pot in a sunny window and let the kids spray with water daily. They will be thrilled to watch the grass grow into hair.

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