Sunday, July 8, 2012

Products Nannies Love for Baby Sun Protection

BabyBjorn Sun Cover for Baby

The American Academy of Pediatric and the American Academy of Pediatric Dermatology recommends keeping infants out of the sun as much as possible.

Most of the sunscreens found commonly in stores contain chemicals which are absorbed by baby’s skin. Therefore it’s important to use a sunscreen that does not have chemicals on babies. Safe sunscreens that do not contain these chemicals and the ones are recommended for babies under and older than six-months are Blue Lizard Sunscreen, California Baby Sunscreen Lotion,and Neutrogena Baby Sunblock Stick.Also diaper creams with zinc oxide or zinc oxide itself can be used as a sunscreen. Babies can have allergic reactions to sunscreens so you need to use very sparingly on babies under six-months and watch for allergic skin reactions such as redness or a rash after placing sunscreen.

When outside you should keep baby in the shade as much as possible. Keep the baby under a tree where there is shade or under an umbrella. Have the baby wear a wide brimmed hat, which also covers and protects the back of the neck, baby sunglasses, and clothing with UV protection too.

The BABYBJĂ–RN Sun Cover for Baby Carrierprovides excellent sun protection for a child’s sensitive skin. The light fabric of the BabyBjorn Sun Cover is breathable, but still provides good wind protection. The sun cover also features a protective, detachable hood. It can be used both when you carry the child facing you or facing forward. You can even lift the child out of the baby carrier without taking the sun cover off.

The sun cover has ultraviolet protection factor UPF 40 and blocks out 97% of all harmful UV radiation. UPF is the global rating system for sun protective clothing.

Made from thin textiles with mesh openings in the hood for ventilation and is machine washable.

You can use the sun cover both when carrying your child facing you or facing forward. The hood is detachable and can be used separately.

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