Thursday, July 26, 2012

What You Can Learn from Lucy's Nanny-Mama-Drama

You Are Not the Parent's Friend

Last night on Beverly Hills Nannies we saw a nanny Lucy start a new job with Tricia Fisher. Lucy has a lot of positive energy and is great with kids, when she actually attends to them. But last night we saw her spending the majority of her energy trying to be friends with the mother and socializing with the mother's friends, rather than attending to the kids.

Instead, Lucy should have tried to respect professional boundaries by doing her job and what was asked of her rather than talking about her own life and trying to befriend her employer. Friendships with employers slowly develop over time.

Another important professional boundary to consider when working as a nanny is gossiping about the family. Sometimes it seems like all in-home childcare providers do is gossip and complain about their jobs at the playground. In contrast, professional nannies don't speak badly about their employer’s publicly. A professional employee knows the only way to resolve issues with their employer's is by communicating directly with them, not by gossiping about them to other people.

It is fine to brag about a child's accomplishments or a great meal you prepared to others, but it is inappropriate to discuss their family problems. Confiding in your husband, wife, or partner is appropriate. You will likely lose your job if your employer’s find out you have been gossiping about them.

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Sara said...

You don't think the producers set Lucy up a little bit? She was so over the top unprofessional it had to be a little bit of an act?