Friday, December 7, 2012

Hanukkah Arts N Craft

Does the Family You Work for Celebrate Hanukkah?

Hanukkah starts tomorrow and I found this quick art project to do with my toddler courtesy of her preschool. Simply buy some big chunky foam stamps at the local arts n' crafts store or below to have some holiday decorating fun.

You Will Need:

Craft sticks
Big chunky foam stamps in holiday symbols (we used a dreidel and Star of David)
Large piece of paper or poster board
Large bottle of white glue
Blue non-toxic paint or food coloring
Silver glitter
Disposable paper, plastic, or styrofoam cup or bowl and plate

What To Do:

1. Cover the work area with newspaper this is a messy project. Pour white glue into a disposable cup or bowl. Let the kids add some blue paint or food coloring to the white glue and mix with a craft stick.

2. Once the glue mixture is a nice blue color pour in onto a styrofoam (or paper or plastic) plate.

3. Show the kids how to dip their chunky foam stamps into the blue glue mixture (or for young kids you can always use a paint brush to paint the glue mixture onto the stamps for the kids).

4. Let them press the stamps onto the paper.

5. Once the child has added plenty of symbols to the paper help them sprinkle silver glitter over the paper. Shake the extra glitter onto another piece of paper with glue on it or into the garbage.

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