Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Making Christmas Ornaments

Wednesdays with Whitney
Christmas time is here!  That means trees are going up and you finally have the perfect spot to display all of those Christmas crafts. This year, make a craft with the kiddos that will last through the years by baking up some salt dough ornaments.
·         ½ cup salt
·         ½ cup flour
·         ¼ cup water
1.       Start by mixing together all of the ingredients. This will make a play-dough like substance. (If you just want to stop here and play, feel free!)
2.       Roll out the dough and let the kids use cookie cutters to cut out some classic Christmas shapes. You can also use handprints for hangable keepsakes or a knife and imagination for a more original piece. Just don’t forget to poke holes at the top!
3.       Bake the dough at 200 degrees Fahrenheit for 3 hours.
4.       Have the kids paint a thin layer of glue on the cooled off ornaments. This will prevent the dough from soaking up the color while you paint.
5.       Once the glue is dry, let the little ones at the paint and brushes. Encourage their creativity here!
6.       Let the paint dry and apply another layer of glue to seal the ornament.
7.       Now just add ribbons through the holes and hang up your new additions to the tree! 

Reference: Whitney shares this recipe and project courtesy of her mother who she used to do this project with as a child. Don't forget to stop by next Wednesday for another fun project by Whitney and to check out her personal blog at

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Michelle said...

My 4th grade charge needs to make a Secret Santa gift for a classmate and we are making this today. Thanks for recipe and idea!