Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Making a Paint Shaker with Kids

Wednesdays with Whitney

Craft time with the little ones can be exhausting when you're doing nearly all the work yourself. And it can also be exasperating when you're constantly running to the store for new supplies. This week's craft alleviates both of these obstacles. Simply help the kids gather simple items from around the house and let them go to town on this very active, kid friendly activity.


• Empty Milk Jug
• Crayon Stubs (You can use beans or marbles too – whatever small object you have lying around the house!)
• Paint


1. Start by having your little ones wash the milk jug out completely. Just make sure any residue is out before you begin the project.

2. Have the kiddos roll some crayon stubs around in their favorite paints. Sure, they’ll get messy, but that’s half the fun.

3. Next, let them drop the paint covered crayon stubs into the milk jug, then tighten the cap.

4. Let the shaking begin! Watch as the paint spreads throughout the jug, creating a neat colored pattern. Bonus: This fun art project doubles as a colorful music shaker! Just don’t let that top come off or you’ll be in trouble.

5. If you want something more advanced for the older kids, go a few steps further by making your new colorful milk jug into a homemade luminary by cutting off the handle and adding some sand and a tea light!

Reference: Whitney adapted this project she used to do as a child, courtesy of her mother, into a fun project for nannies to do with kids. Don't forget to check out Whitney's personal blog at and stop by next Wednesday for another project from Whitney.

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