Sunday, January 27, 2013

Pocket Nanny - ITZBEEN™ Baby Care Timer

Product Review Sunday

ITZBEEN™ Baby Care Timer was invented by a new mother and father who found themselves sleep-deprived and needing help to remember baby care details like when their baby last ate or napped. They tried charts and journals, but thought there had to be a better way. So they invented one. And alas, ITZBEEN™ was born. ITZBEEN™ has four timers that count up with the touch of a button, and a host of other helpful features, all designed with the needs of a parent or nanny in mind.

The face of the unit has four timers that count up with the touch of a button when its time to change diaper, feed, or put the baby to sleep. Its soft-glow night light allows for use even at night. The clear and concise instructions guide you through set-up and use.

The ITZBEEN™ Baby Care Timer IS a simple and easy way to keep the timing of these needs organized and available at a glance. It's very inexpensive so it makes a great gift for new parents as well.


Eva said...

Pen and paper work too. But I actually think this is a perfect baby shower gift for a nanny friend. THX

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