Sunday, March 17, 2013

Exercise Equipment that Can be Used at Work

Sunday Product Review

The hectic life of a nanny of caring for kids, driving them around, and cleaning up after them can pose a challenge to staying or becoming healthy and fit. We have previously discussed strategies to improve your health and fitting exercise into your work day.

The type of exercise you use is your preference. There many types of equipment that are both portable and effective to help you exercise. Your charges can use their own equipment to join you in some healthful exercise as well.

Redmon Treadmill

Double Duty Jump Ropes

Redmon Twister

Adult Sunny Health and Fitness Mini Stepper

Mabis Exercise Stepper

Gaiam Yogacise Body Lift

Aquabell Dumbells

Velcro Wrist Weights

Reebok Ankle Weights

TRXRIP Trainer Basic Kit

Exerpeutic Portable Mini-Bike


PRCTL1 said...
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Sarah Ray said...

We don't use any fitness equipment at work, but I do some basic yoga and strength (pushups, crunches, squats, lunges), jumping jacks (the boys I take care of LOVE to join me in those!!), as well as getting in a daily walk whenever possible and encouraging outside play. We stay fit!