Sunday, May 19, 2013

Goo Gone Removes Crayon, Stickers and Gum

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Last week the teen I care for left some gum in his pants pocket before putting the pants in his hamper. Unintentionally I washed the pants with the gum in the pocket and then dried his clothes with the gum in the dryer. The gum melted and stuck to a shirt in the dryer. The mother pulled out of the pantry a plastic bottle of Goo Gone liquid adhesive that removes grease, gum, stickers, crayon, and tape. It worked easily and am happy to recommend this product with others today.

It was so easy to remove the gum. I simply squirted a little bit of Goo Gone to the gum. I allowed it to sit for just a few minutes and then used a paper towel to rub off the gum. It came right off. Then I washed it with soap and water and the shirt is ready to wear again.

Goo Gone makes other products that I haven't tried yet such as the Goo Gone Painter's Pal that removes dried paint, caulk, tape residue, ink, oil, sealants, and varnish and the Goo Gone Goo Gone Multi-Purpose Cleanerto remove the greasiest, grimiest problems without resorting to toxic chemicals such as garage floors, range hoods, and lawn mowers.

I highly recommend Goo Goneto parents and caregivers to remove grease, gum, stickers, crayons, ink, and tape from walls, furniture, and clothing.

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