Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Mother's Day T-Shirt

Wednesdays with Whitney

Mother’s Day is only a few days away! Are you still hunting for a cute, original craft to do with your charge for their Mom? Try making this T-Shirt at home – the kids will have fun making it as they are encouraged to get all full of paint, and Mom will have a new t-shirt that will make her kids smile every time they see her in it! I made a similar shirt when I was in preschool and I remember jumping inside every time I saw my Mom wear it!


• 1 White T-Shirt
• Fabric Paint
• Sharpie


1. Start by letting your little ones step into the fabric paint and lather their feet with the stuff. If you want to control the mess, try painting their feet with a paintbrush instead.

2. Next, let them walk across the t-shirt. They can walk in any direction, every direction, or even no direction!

3. Now you can write “My daughter/son walks all over me!” Use a sharpie or, if you don’t trust your handwriting, stencil it with black fabric paint. Keep it a secret!

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