Thursday, May 2, 2013

Monthly To-Do List: Be Early this Month

Get to Work and Pick-Up the Kids Early
It's important to arrive to work on time in every profession, but for nannies parents rely on caregivers to be on time (or a few minutes early) so they can also arrive at their jobs on time. Being early to work gives caregivers a chance to take off their coats and shoes and have breakfast ready when the parents hand-off their kids as they run out the door.

Nannies are also responsible for creating a stress-free environment for the children left in their care. Nannies often complain that the morning routine with the kids is stressful. That's often because running late creates stress. When adults feel rushed they are more likely to "snap" at kids to hurry up, which is a horrible way to start any day.

This month see if being early helps make your job and life easier and stress-free. Here are some ways to help you to arrive on time:

Leave 15-Minutes Before You Have to Be Anywhere:
Pretend you have to be at work 15-minutes earlier than you need to be at your job. That way even if there is a traffic jam you won't be late to work because you allowed enough time for the unexpected. It may not take you 15-minutes to travel to preschool to pick up your charge just a mile or two away, but you won't have to worry like you do when waiting to leave at the last possible minute. Just keep a book in the car to read or chat with the other parents and nannies to plan playdates if you arrive a few minutes early.

Go to Bed 15- to 30-Minutes Earlier:
Getting enough sleep is essential for everyone's mental and physical health.

Set Your Alarm Clock 15-Minutes Earlier:
We have all heard "the early bird gets the worm." Well, even if the extra 15-minutes doesn't allow much time for you to do productive work at least you will feel less rushed for having a few more minutes to get ready in the morning.

Set Your Clocks and Watch 5-Minutes Fast:
Trick yourself into thinking it's later than it is.

Consider Drive Time, Loading Time, Potty Breaks:
Always consider how long it may take kids to eat, get dressed, and go to the potty when scheduling your day. For example, when going to the grocery store you have to consider how long it will take to get the children in their car seats, to drive to and from the store, to shop, check out, load the car, unload the car, and put the groceries away.

Prioritize! Then, Go with the Flow:
Kids must arrive to school and be picked up from school on time. But, if you are running a little late getting to soccer practice, it is okay just resign yourself to the fact that you are going to be late. Don't stress out and yell at the kids. Raising your voice at children just makes things worse for everyone. Screaming just ensures hurt feelings, tantrums, and meltdowns. Sometimes it's okay to be a little bit late and go with the flow.

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