Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Nanny Confessions: Give Nannies the Credit They are Due

A Little Praise Can Go a Long Way

My nanny confession today is that a little praise can go a long way. I confess when employers forget, or choose not to, credit their nannies for their hard work to others, it can create resentment.

It can hurt employees' feelings when they aren't given the credit they are due. For example, when nannies make a dessert, (or helps make a dish or even the entire meal) for their employer's dinner party and the guests compliment the dessert the host shouldn't take all the credit for making the dish.
Rather than misleading guests into thinking they made the dessert the hosts could easily say, "Thanks! Our nanny made it."

Similarly, employers should also boast to their house guests about the great work their carpenter did in their home. It's completely appropriate to share the name of the contractor that helped finish their gourmet kitchen so their friends and family can hire the same contractor. It's wonderful when employers can share with their guests that the meal was prepared by the chef and brag about the great bakery that made the pastries. Giving credit where credit is due doesn't take any appreciation away from the hosts of the party.

There is no harm to parents when they compliment their nannies' hard work to others. I confess when employers brag about their domestic staff to friends it makes the employees feel great about their jobs.

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rackoo said...

I agree you should give credit to others for their hard work. I get that feeling of resentment and I think its only right that you should respect a person by giving her a credit for the hard work he's done.

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