Monday, July 1, 2013

Has a Mother Ever Offered You a Nanny Job Knowing that You Already are Working as a Nanny for Someone Else?

Is it Unethical to Use Nanny Poaching as a Negotiation Tactic?

Has a mother ever offered you a nanny job, despite knowing that you work as a nanny for someone else? When a parent or nanny agency offer you a nanny job, (when they already know you are working as a nanny), it is called nanny poaching. Nanny poaching makes unsuspecting nanny employers feel like their nanny was stolen right from under them.

We have a free market. If parents treat their nannies with respect and dignity their caregivers won’t even consider another job offer. But, when parents treat their nannies poorly the caregivers may consider the offer.

I often get weekend babysitting jobs from mothers I know through school or see at the playground. I don’t feel like it’s unethical to get part-time babysitting jobs this way. But, I understand why reputable nanny agencies, professional nannies, and parents that employ nannies feel nanny poaching is unethical.

If nanny poaching is unacceptable, is it also unethical for nannies to use being offered another nanny job as a negotiation tactic with their current employers? What do you think? If you were approached by another parent who is offering you a better paying nanny job is it tacky to use that job offer as a negotiation tactic?

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