Sunday, June 30, 2013

Visual Aids for Autistic Spectrum Disorder

Sensory Fan by ASD Visual Aids
Product Review Sunday

It is well known that visual symbols improve communication for children with social communication difficulties. Using visual cards support communication for children and young people with communication difficulties such as Autism. Research has shown that many children and young people with Autistic Spectrum Disorder are able to process visual tools more effectively than the spoken word.

ASD Visual Aids is one of our favorite companies that make products to help children with communication difficulties. ASD Visual Aids asks us to think about how we all rely on our own visual aids such as lists, diaries, calendars, and sticky notes to begin to understand how visual can become for people with social communication difficulties.

To make life easier for parents and caregivers ASD Visual Aids has designed products which include ‘Visual Symbols’ and stories to help in social situations. They have timetable boards, key chains, stress balls, stickers, traffic lights, along with other communication tools.

The pictures are durable and transfer to a variety of settings. They are a short cut to effective, functional communication and will keep problems small. They help to clarify social situations and teach social skills like waiting my turn, eye contact, not calling out, or asking for help.

The use of visual strategies can build a bridge toward effective communication. Visual strategies can provide the support necessary for youngsters to develop appropriate skills for effective participation in life activities.

Below are some other great products for nannies and families to use with children with communication difficulties:

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