Friday, January 15, 2010

Make Money, Not Excuses

Make Money, Not Excuses:
Wake Up, Take Charge, and Overcome Your Financial Fears Forever
By Jean Chatsky

Jean Chatsky is a popular financial advisor with appearances on the NBC Today Show, each Wednesday at 9am EDT.

If you enjoy shopping and hate dealing with finances, then this book is for you. Jean Chatsky will gently guide you with a little prodding to quit whining and get your finances in order.

She believes if you want to get rich, if you want to be wealthier than you are today, you really need to do only four things:

1)You need to make a decent living.

2)You need to spend less than you make.

3)You need to invest the money you don't spend so that it can work as hard for you as you are working for yourself.

4)And you need to protect yourself and this financial world you've built so that a disaster -- big or small -- doesn't take it all away from you.

She also has sprinkled through out "Map to a Million" which shows you what saving and investing a certain amount of money will grow to in 20 or 30 years. Some of the amounts are really shocking. For example start investing 10% of a $35,000 income at 30 years old and you will have $457,254 at retirement.

If you are a beginner in personal finance read this book!

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Anonymous said...

I love Jean Chatsky. Excellent series you have posted over the past few weeks. Important for women to learn how to control their money. Most overspend on cosmetics, dinners out, decorating their homes.... We must learn to not only make emotional purchases but be frugal and have our money grow in investments.