Saturday, January 30, 2010

Weekly Trip to the Library

We have been discussing the dangers of ingesting BPA a chemical commonly used in baby bottles. This week we started reviewing 12 BPA-free baby bottles.

When you work as a nanny or au pair you will often feed infants with bottles (with breast milk of formula), especially when the mother is working. No one bottle is perfect for every child. Here is a great book to help parents and caregivers determine which bottles and pacifiers to use with the children in their care.

Balancing Breast and Bottle: Reaching Your Breastfeeding Goals
By Amy Peterson and Mindy Harmer

Although many companies claim their bottles are most like breastfeeding, no bottle nipple style is right for every baby. Balancing Breast and Bottle: Reaching Your Breastfeeding Goals provides caregivers with valuable information on how to select and use the bottle nipple or pacifier that is best for each individual breastfed baby.

Authors Amy Peterson and Mindy Harmer help mothers solve the dilemma of how to feed a breastfed baby during separation, while protecting the breastfeeding relationship, and making sure that every mother can reach her breastfeeding goals. The authors combined professions of International Board Certified Lactation Consultant and Speech-Language Pathologist bring two unique and informed perspectives in selecting and using artificial nipples for a breastfed baby.

Balancing Breast and Bottle: Reaching Your Breastfeeding Goals helps mothers understand the basics of breastfeeding and how a baby's suck can be used to select the best bottle nipple. Tips for collecting, storing, and stockpiling milk are included, along with various pumping scenarios to ensure that the baby's bottles are loaded with as much breast milk as possible. In this book, mothers will learn how to find the ideal balance between breastfeeding, pumping, and bottle-feeding for their own family. By following the tips in this book, every mother can feel confident that her baby will eat when they are apart.

What is your favorite baby bottle?

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