Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Do You Think Parents Should Be Allowed to Spank Their Own Kids?

Yesterday, on our Facebook page, we all agreed that nannies should never hit or spank the kids in their care. But, do you think parents should be allowed to spank their own children?

The article we linked to yesterday shows a link between children being spanked and being more aggressive.

Below are Dr. Sears ten reasons not to spank a child. Please click here to see the entire article.

1. Hitting Models Hitting
2. Hitting Devalues the Child
3. Hitting Devalues the Parent
4. Hitting May Lead to Abuse
5. Hitting Does Not Improve Behavior
6. Hitting is Actually Not Biblical
7. Hitting Promotes Anger
8. Hitting Brings Back Bad Memories
9. Abusive Hitting Has Bad Long-Term Effects
10. Spanking Doesn't Work

2 comments: said...

Chantelle John
Yes.. They are their kids after all.

Barbara Williams
yes, if that is what they feel they need to do

Samantha Leclaire
No there are other ways to discipline children without hitting them

Debbie Thomas
Not one person thought it was OK to spank someone elses kids yesterday. Today it's OK as long as it's your own kids? Why would it be OK to treat someone elses kids better than your own? If I spank other peoples kids I would be fired and possibly arrested. I hit you, another adult, I would get arrested. But it's ok for a parent to hit their kid? I just don't see how it can be OK to hit your child, but not someone elses kid or an adult?! Why are we expected to be respectful of other peoples kids but not our own kids?

Suzanne Boisseau
Same answer NEVER....hitting is hitting, doesn't matter who is doing it, hitting is wrong

Danyel Equality Bailey​news/s/nm/​spanking-kids-can-cause-lon​g-term-harm-canada-study

Farrah said...

I feel like nannies in the South are more accepting of spanking. It's been discussed in nanny groups on facebook and it's shocking that some nannies still think it's ok.