Saturday, May 5, 2012

Children's Books About Cinco de Mayo

Weekly Trip to the Library for Nannies and Au Pairs

On my trip to the library with my two-year-old charge this week I obviously looked for some great chidlren's books about Cinco de Mayo. Here are the books on the topic I found and recommend:

Viva Mexico! The Story of Benito Juarez and Cinco de Mayo by Argentina Palacios, Alex Haley and Howard Berelson

This book is a biography of Benito Juarez, a boy from the Zapotec Indian tribe who grew up the poorest in Mexico and yet became the President of Mexico. Life wasn't all peaches and cream for Juarez. He had to fight one of the bloodiest battles ever fought on the continent, the Battle of Puebla. It so happens that this battle took place on May fifth and that's why it is called "Cinco de Mayo."

The Latino Holiday Book: From Cinco de Mayo to Dia de los Muertos by Valerie Menard and Cheech Marin

The Latino Holiday Book is an essential resource for everyone wanting to honor the special traditions and celebrations of Hispanic-Americans. Valerie Menard takes readers through the year, covering New Year's traditions, Carnival, Easter, Cinco de Mayo, the feast day of San Juan Bautista, the Puerto Rican and Mexican celebrations of independence, the feast of La Virgen de Cobre, Dia de la Raza (the Mexican version of Columbus Day), Dia de los Muertos, the feast day of the Virgin of Guadalupe, and Christmas. Weddings, birthdays, and quinceaneras are also detailed. Menard discusses each holiday's religious or social history, typical customs, and special foods or activities, and gives recipes or instructions for making the authentic foods and crafts that particularly represent that day's traditions.

Cinco de Mayo by L.L. Ownes and Holli Conger

This cute, well illustrated nonfiction book about Cinco de Mayo teaches young readers about the background, traditions, foods, and celebrations of the Mexican holiday. Easy-to-read text combines with colorful illustrations to provide entertainment and facts for even the youngest audience.

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