Friday, May 11, 2012

Do You Give Your Mom Boss a Mother's Day Gift?

What to Give Mother Employers for Mother's Day

Flowers are a traditional gift for any occasion and are always great for Mother's Day! Nannies  can't go wrong simply giving their Mom Boss an inexpensive Mother's Day cardor baking them a favorite dessert. But, commonly nannies simply help their charges make something for their mother for a Mother's Day gift.

I love helping the kids make homemade Mother's Day cards. I like tracing the kids' hands on the card and writing, "Best Mom Hands Down!" alongside the hand prints. Another fun idea for a Mother's Day card from the kids is when they make coupons for their mother to redeem. The coupons can include chores and loving sentiments. For example, some coupons to include could be "One huge hug from me," "A huge kiss from your loving daughter," or "Set the dinner table."

The perfect Mother's Day gift to give to your Mom Boss is a children's books about Mothers. She will love being able to read the book with her children. We will list our favorite children's books to give as Mother's Day gifts tomorrow for our Weekly Trip to the Library.

Another great gift is having the kids paint inexpensive terra cotta pots. Once the pots are dry, the kids can help add you add dirt to the pot and water the plant.

Another lovely gift is to let the kids decorate a picture frame. You add a photo of the children in the frame.

Here are some fun games to get the children prepared for Mother's Day!

How Much Do You Know About Your Mother?

You might have to play this on Mother's Day when you have enough mothers and children available. But, see if the kids can answer the questions below about their mother before Mother's Day.

Divide into four mother/child teams.
Ask the mothers to leave the room while the children sit in chairs.
Ask the same four or five questions to each child about their mothers.
Bring in the mothers and ask them the same questions.
Will the mother and child have the same answers?
Switch places and see how well the mother's know the children.
Award a red carnation to the winning mother/child team.

Question Ideas:

What is your mother's favorite: color, movie, dress, animal, memorable moment with you, best friend, hobby, talent, food, animal, cartoon, pizza topping, ice cream topping, or restaurant? What was your mother's most embarrassing moment? What is your mother's favorite holiday?

Mother May I?
This game is similar to Simon Says, where the person giving the command also has to give permission to carry it out.

Children listen carefully and ask, "Mother, may I?"
The response must be, "Yes you may."
If the response is only, "Yes," then the person may not carry out the task.
A variation of this game is Giant Steps.
The mother stands at a distance from the other players who are lined up.
The mother calls out the name of each student before giving a specific command ("Jimmy, you may take three giant steps," or "Bertina, you may take one baby step").
Students have to say "Mother, may I?" before they show any movement of their body.
The group will get closer and closer to the mother.
The one who finally gets close enough to touch the mother becomes the next mother.
The game begins all over again.

Games excerpted from Multicultural Discovery Activities for the Elementary Grades

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