Thursday, May 10, 2012

Finding a Part-Time Babysitting Job for Extra Money

What Advice Can You Share with Nannies Looking for Part-Time, Weekend Babysitting Jobs for Extra Income?

A reader of Be the Best Nanny Newsletter who works as a full-time nanny asked me how she should find part-time weekend babysitting job for extra income. If you are considering finding some part-time, weekend babysitting jobs for extra income here are my suggestions.

First, I recommend you consider how much time you really can devote to the weekend babysitting job. I recommend considering if you want a temporary weekend job (for a few weeks or months) or a permanent weekend babysitting job. Parents hiring part-time nannies are often looking for consistent, reliable care just like parents hiring full-time caregivers so be sure you have the time and energy to actually commit to the part-time weekend job before looking for the job.

The easiest way to find extra babysitting jobs is simply by asking the parents you already know in town through your full-time nanny job. I have found plenty of weekend babysitting jobs word-of-mouth.

Some nannies I know have successfully made their own flyers to hang up around town. For example, I've seen flyers including brief information about an experienced nanny looking for part-time babysitting job for $15 per hour. You can hang these flyers at the library or local YMCA. But, you must be cautious to make sure you screen all parents carefully before meeting with strangers.

Next, register on online nanny and babysitter web sites. Nanny job listing web sites are usually free for job candidates and the families pay to search the database so it's an easy way to search part-time jobs. Some sites allow parents to post their part-time jobs. Again, you must be very careful before interviewing with parents you have never met that contact you online.

Also, apply to nanny agencies that place temporary nannies. Again, there isn't a cost for the job applicant to sign up with a nanny agency, the parents pay the fees.

Be sure to bring your stellar nanny resume with you to all interviews. Even if you are just looking for part-time weekend babysitting you will stand out from the crowd if you bring your resume. Click here to see how to make a resume.

Follow the same interview process you would when applying to full-time nanny jobs. Bring a list of questions with you to the interview. Ask about each child's routine and special needs, the schedule, and responsibilities. Click here for a list of questions to ask parents during a job interview.

Be sure to arrive dressed conservatively for the interview. Most nannies and agency owners recommend that nanny candidates dress business casual for job interviews. Interviewees should choose clean, well-pressed clothes. In-home job candidates should avoid wearing large jewelry, heavy make-up, clothing that exposes tattoos, and tight or low-cut shirts. Prospective employees should not smell like cigarette smoke, coffee, or wear cologne or perfume.

What advice can you share with nannies about finding part-time, weekend babysitting jobs for extra income?


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