Tuesday, May 22, 2012

What is the Most Important Question to Ask Parents on Job Interviews?

Questions to Ask Parents During Job Interviews

The objective of nanny job interviews is to uncover what needs to be known about job applicants and potential employers. Nothing is gained when job seekers and parents answer interview questions based on what they think the other wants to hear. To determine if the family is the right fit and if the relationship is to last and flourish, it is best to answer questions by being truthful. Asking the right questions is imperative.

Caregivers looking for nanny jobs put in much time and care preparing for job interviews. But, just as important as putting your best foot forward during and interview is determining if the family will be a good fit for you to work for them as well. Every family, every child, and every nanny is different and so each nanny job as well. So, there is no reason to be discouraged if an interview reveals that a family is not compatible. Each interview is a learning experience.

Below is a long list of interview questions nannies should consider asking during a job interview. We do not recommend asking all of the questions listed below. Parents still want to feel like they are in control of the interview. So just pick and choose what you feel are the most important questions to ask the parents from the list below.

Nannies Should Ask the Following Questions on an Interview:

1. What is the job description? Are you looking for a live-in or live-out caregiver? Do you need a full-time or part-time help? How many daily and weekly hours is the nanny expected to work?
2. What is the salary and what are the benefits being offered?
3. Are you prepared to make the legal payroll deductions for social security and unemployment benefits, and to sign a work agreement?
4. Will there be a paid trial period before signing the work agreement?
5. What are the living accommodations for live-in position?
6. What are the house rules and restrictions? Will there be a curfew? Will I have a separate phone line? How will I pay for phone calls? Will I have access to a computer for emailing? Do you have a pet and will I be expected to care for the pet on top of my child care duties?
7. Do the parents work inside or outside of the house?
8. Does the family use video cameras to monitor the nanny and/or children?
9. How do you expect your nanny to balance child care duties with household duties? Is housework a high priority?
10. Have you employed a nanny before?
11. Who was your best caregiver and why?
12. What were the previous nanny's duties?
13. Why did the previous nanny leave the job?
14. What would you have changed about your relationship with the former nanny?
15. What type of relationship would you like the nanny to develop with the children?
16. What is the most important characteristic a nanny should posses to work well with your children?
17. How would you describe yourselves as parents and as individuals?
18. How would you describe your children?
19. Do the children have a dietary restrictions or health concerns that I should be aware of?
20. Are there any behavioral or developmental problems I should know about?
21. How do you discipline your children? What forms of punishment do you use?
22. How and when will we discuss discipline and issues that may come up with your children each week?
23. Will I be expected to drive? Will I use your car or my own car? Are there any limitations in my use of the family car? What reimbursements will I receive for the use of my own car?
24. Will there be a petty cash allowance available?
25. What activities are the children already involved in? Will I be allowed to schedule the children's activities during the day?
26. Will you travel? Will I be expected to accompany you? What would be my rate when we travel?
27. Will I be expected to provide any overnight or 24-hour duty? What would be the rate for overnight duty?
28. Are you expecting any major life changes in the near future such as a newborn, change of job, or move into a new house?
29. What is the increase in salary in the event of a newborn or another change in job description?
30. Do you have other household help? May I meet them?
31. What is your back-up plan if I am sick?
32. Would you allow me to speak with the previous nanny, a neighbor, or a relative for a reference about your family?


Maria Lopez said...

Before you even meet them in person you need to ask salary, hours, and how many kids because if they aren't offering enough money no point in meeting them.

Next the living accomadations if you are a live-in. If stay at home parents or work out of home parents. I know I don't like working for stay at home moms.

Then discipline, the activities and interest of kids are next.

Tobago Nanny said...

Thanks for sharing so much for free online! This is the best resource!

Samantha Rae said...

Please tell me why no stay woek home moms i interview with one tomorrow

Michelle Carroll said...

I am just finishing a two year job where the mom was out of the house for the first year and worked from home the second year. It's very disturbing to the flow of the day when she is home because occasionally she walks through the area where me and the children are and they get upset because they want her. They can go from playing peacefully to throwing tantrums in a matter of seconds. Now the kids are old enough to open doors and they know where she is, if I'm not totally distracting them, every time I turn around they are going into her work space and disrupting her and it's very awkward for me. It's gotten to be that it's just easier to leave and it's challenging to make a day where we're out and about the whole day, until nap time. I won't do it again.

Mr Eix said...

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