Saturday, September 8, 2012

Book Reviews By Kids, For Kids

Revenge of the Horned Bunnies by Ursula Vernon
Review by Myles, 9-Years-Old

Revenge of the Horned Bunniesis the sixth book in the Dragonbreath series by Ursal Vernon. The main character is a dragon named Danny Dragonbreath. Danny, Christina, Spencer, and Wendell go to a summer sleep away camp called "Camp Jackalopes" in the desert.

Danny's counselor Lenny (who is a frog) tells the campers about jackalopes. Jackalopes are mystical bunnies with horns, but all the kids think that jackalopes are a myth.

When giving a tour of the camp the staff warns the kids to stay away from one cabin. But, when Danny has to go to the bathroom and makes a wrong turn he ends up at the cabin that is off limits. Danny sees a big padlock on the door. One of counselors directs him to the bathroom. But, Danny wonders why the camp would need a lock on a cabin that just stores toilet paper?

Danny's cousin Spencer find a jackalope in the forest and hides it in a cave and protects and feeds the jackalope.

Spencer's friends follow him to the forest and want to find more jackalopes but can't find any. So, they suspect there might be more jackalopes in that cabin with the padlock. They climb through the window of the cabin and see jackalopes. Lenny the counselor has been kidnapping the jackalopes and grinding the horns of the jackalopes.

So, Danny and his friends distract Lenny by letting one jackalope free. The jackalope runs through the camp. While the counselors were chasing the jackaope Wendell and Danny let the jackalopes free and let them run back into the desert.

Any kid that is about seven-years-old to about ten-years-old that likes mysteries will like this book.

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