Sunday, September 16, 2012

Products Nannies Love: Origami Stroller

You Have to See it to Believe it!
Review by Maria Lopez, Nanny, Miami FL

Everyone in the neighborhood where I work as a nanny is talking about the Origami stroller. It's amazing and unlike any other stroller on the market!

What I love the most is that the stroller is that it is motorized and opens and folds with a push of a button. It has a low-force motor that self-charges in the tires as you walk. I also love the LCD screen dashboard on the handle that lets you now how much battery power remains and includes a thermometer, speedometer, and trip and lifetime odometers. Unlike other strollers, the Origami folds in three dimensions, folding up to half the size of most strollers.

Another cool fact is that the Origami is constructed of 90 percent recyclable parts. A bassinet may be purchased separately, allowing the Origami to be used with newborns. A child snack tray can also be bought separately.

The only two possible drawbacks are that this stroller is expensive and the stroller is heavy. But, The price is not a problem for the parents my friends and I work for as nannies. In my opinion, the price is well worth the investment.

The Origami stroller has:

The stroller opens and closes itself at the touch of a button. There is a sensor in the seat that lets you know whether or not there is a baby in the seat and thus prevents the stroller from folding so you don't have to worry about it folding with your baby in it.

LCD Screen Dashboard
Includes a thermometer, speedometer, how much battery power is left, and trip and lifetime odometers.

It has daytime running lights and pathway lights located under the stroller that turn on automatically in low-light conditions.

Plenty of Storage
The stroller has four cup holders, storage pockets, and a big removable storage bag.

USB Charging Outlet
You can charge an iPod, smartphone, tablet, or camera.

I think the Origami stroller is the best stroller on the market. If you care for a baby or toddler be sure to share this information with your employers. If they can afford the Origami stroller it's well worth the investment.

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Anonymous said...

I wish I had this for my little 14-month-old charge! What a great blog - definitely bookmarking!