Monday, September 3, 2012

You Can't Beleive Everything You Read

Do You Read Newspapers Anymore?

I was made aware of a blog that tried to damage my reputation yesterday. I made sure to check what was accused on the other blog and I am confident that the angry remarks are not founded and haven't been the case since we started publishing Be the Best Nanny Newsletter in 2001.

It reminded me of the dangers of the Internet. In the Internet age, blogs have become a source of information, not newspapers. Blogs are not true journalism. Blogs typically post opinions of the author and the opinions of those who comment to the opinions of the blogger. Journalists are supposed to be objective and ask for comments from all parties. Bloggers don't have to be objective and see both sides of a story. When a blogger attacks an idea, business, or person the author doesn't have to ask the one they are attacking for a comment. In the blogging world you simply can't believe everything you read.

I always link my blog articles to my newsletter Facebook page where I actually get more responses from nannies. The questions I ask on Facebook are almost always asking for the nanny's opinion. Nannies love to share their opinions openly on Facebook. But, I encourage our readers to think before posting comments on blogs as well as on Facebook. Current and future employers can google your name and see what you write on the Internet. There is no such thing as privacy or anonymity on the Internet.  


Lori said...

No I don't actually have a newspaper delivered anymore. LOL It's terrible what people say flaming on Facebook and blogs thinking they can hide behind their computer screens. No boss should ever see anything negative posted by a person looking for a job. It doesn't just include nannies. Workers at every job.

Tobago Nanny said...

This is such a stellar publication. Don't let bullies waste your time. You do a great service to the nanny industry and have for many many years.

Maria Lopez said...

Agreed this is the best resource for nannies I have ever found.

Eva said...

Do you see how vile the comments under political articles are? People hid behind their computer screens all the time spewing hate. They need to get a life. This newsletter has been my favorite job resource for over 10 years. Keep on. Who cares if there are a few haters. There are hundreds of thousands spewing hate about the presidential candidates. Just keep on doing what you are doing.