Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Wednesdays With Whitney

Fishy School Sign

School has started and the paperwork has already started flowing in. Not to mention all the art projects – who knew your little artist could do twenty original and meaningful pictures in one morning? This is why every kid needs their special School Corner. What better way to decorate the spot than with this fun and original fishy sign?
Have kids paint paper blue

·         Canvas/heavy paper
·         Paint
·         Goldfish (amount depends on size of fish – I used 33)
·         Glue
·         Hair Spray (optional)


1.       Start with letting the kiddos paint your paper or canvas blue. Don’t forget to add a wavy texture for a completed look!

2.       Create your fish picture with the goldfish. I found it easiest to go with the following pattern:

3.       To make the fish more recognizable from a distance, be sure to paint on an eye and make the last 2 fish point out diagonally for lips.

4.       Once everything is laid out, take one fish at a time and dip one side of them in a bowl of glue. Then replace them to their designated spot on the canvas.

5.       Once all the fish glued in place, paint the title on your sign in a color which stands out against the blue.

6.       To finish off your picture, spray it with hair spray to preserve it longer.
Reference: This craft is a Whitney original, when faced with an over-abundance of goldfish and a need to properly designate her little one’s school corner.

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