Tuesday, June 4, 2013

How Have You Helped the Parents Out When Not Expected?

Nanny Confessions: Random Acts of Kindness Go a Long Way in Maintaining Nanny and Parent Relationships

Anne Merchant Geissler, author of The Child Care Textbookexplains that random acts of kindness in a nanny and parent relationship are essential in maintaining a great working relationship.

From letting an employee have paid time-off when not expected, to saying “thank you,” or giving the nanny a monetary gift by replacing tires on their car, or giving them plane tickets and hotel accommodations for a vacation, nannies don’t forget the nice things the parents that hired them provide.

We all know how hard it can be to run a home filled with children. That’s why parents often appreciate random acts of kindness from their nannies as well. Nannies can show their appreciation by pitching-in once in a while to help the parents in ways that might not be included in their work agreement. Running an extra errand, staying late once in a while or during an emergency, or filling-in to help a parent out when they can’t make an appointment makes nannies indispensable in their employers’ eyes.

What random acts of kindness do you show your employers? How have you helped the parents out when not expected?

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