Thursday, June 13, 2013

Using Time Blocks to Plan Your Day

How Nannies Should Schedule the Children's Day

When working as a nanny with small children try using time blocks to plan the day. To use time blocks rather than following a strict time table with toddlers, schedule the same activity following the one before, in the same order daily. For example, if lunch is followed by a nap, then it must follow that schedule each day.

Children need to know what comes next. This helps them feel more secure. They develop trust in the adults who care for them. They also feel empowered. They feel they have some control over their lives. They like knowing the order of events during the day. Slowly, young children will begin to get a sense of time as they become familiar with what comes first, second, third, and last.

Time blocks also help to make your day calmer, while ensuring you meet your goals. You can spend time working with children for whom you’ve made special plans within a time block.

Babies and toddlers often create their own schedules — you feed them, change their diapers, and let them sleep when they want to. But preschoolers need structured days.

Below are a few suggestions to help you plan your day. Always post the schedule with photos, cut outs, or drawings so the children can understand to help them feel confident
and comfortable all day.

Tips to Help Plan Your Day

1. Always allow more time for activities than you think you will need.
2. Know the children so well that you can predict how they will react during various parts of the day.
3. Keep your schedule balanced with active/quiet, indoors/outdoors, free choice/adult directed activities.
4. Allow plenty of time for coming and going.
5. Plan for transition times between activities such as cleaning up or calming down before resting.
6. Allow plenty of time for meals and snacks.

Source: By Kathy Fagella, Everyday TLC, 2004.

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