Monday, June 17, 2013

Treat Your Boss’s Home Better Then Your Own

Respecting Professional Boundaries for Nannies and Parents

Plenty of live-out nannies leave for their jobs each morning without making their beds or washing all the dirty dishes in their kitchen sinks. But, at work, they have higher standards and nannies make beds and clean up dishes at work. While nannies might not make their own children put toys away in their own homes, they always put toys away at their employers’ home.

Live-in nannies are expected to keep their bedrooms clean and tidy to the parent’s standards, since they are living in their employer’s home.

All nannies know a normal part of their job is cleaning up after kids and keeping the kids’ living spaces organized, neat, and hygienic. But, not all nannies realize how important it is for them to help keep the parents’ areas of the house neat as well. Since the parents are paying nannies, making the parents’ beds and making sure the kitchen is clean before the parents come home from work is not too much for nanny employers to ask.

Nannies are hired to help the children and the parents. It’s not just about the kids, because if the parents are happy, nannies keep their jobs. If the parents are not happy, nannies lose jobs. When nannies don't help the parents, nannies don’t get raises or have job longevity.

Nannies should expect to do light housekeeping. Nannies need to keep their employer’s home cleaner than their own house, because that is their work environment. Nannies are paid to help the parents, as well as the kids left in their care.

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