Tuesday, June 18, 2013

The “Perfect Fit” Means Something Different for Everybody

Nanny Confessions: Nannies Can’t Tell Me How to Do My Job

Nanny jobs vary tremendously. The reasons people choose to work as nannies vary tremendously.

Just as all families that hire nannies have different needs, so do nannies. Some nannies don’t want to help do dishes, laundry, or run errands for the parents. Other nannies gladly work as housekeepers or personal assistants along with caring for the kids.

No one has the right to tell another person they should or should not leave a nanny job (or any job). Yet, nannies attack one another on social media judging others on their choices to accept or not to accept specific job duties and salaries.

Nannies should mentor one another and give advice on handling tricky situations when asked, but not judge one another for making different choices than they would personally accept.

Finding the “perfect fit” means something different for everybody. So, nannies shouldn't criticize or judge others for accepting different job terms than they would.

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