Wednesday, March 16, 2011

10 Things Your Nanny Won't Tell You

For starters, nannies need a vacation. Second, there may be something wrong with your child. Plus, eight other things your nanny is too scared to tell you. Click here to see article.

1. Nannies are not your maid.

2. Nannies need a vacation.

3. Parents need to discipline your children.

4. Nannies want a raise.

5. They see other nannies yelling at — or ignoring — other children.

6. That Christmas present? They hated it.

7. Your kids need more attention … from you.

8. Your kid has a developmental problem.

9. It is not OK when you don't pay on time.

10. Nannies want to be treated with respect.

Click here to see article.


Best Nanny Newsletter said...

Okay, IMO I think #6 should be nannies would like a bonus for good job performance. I don't think anyone should complain about gifts, they aren't mandatory or needed and it's ungrateful to ever say you don't like a gift.

#5 nannies should report when they see kids mistreated.

Anonymous said...

Personally, I have no problem telling a family any of these-
except about hating a gift.
Even if I don't like the gift- I do appreciate that they wanted to even give me a gift.

If a family is a good fit in many respects- and you want to stay, it's really worth it to let the family know what is bothering you.
3-6 and 1 year reviews are so important. If a family wants to keep a nanny happy- they will bend a bit to keep her.

Anonymous said...

IMHO any nanny that would not do #8 should not be a nanny. Part of a nanny's duty is to advocate for his/her charge(s) no matter how uncomfortable it may be.