Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Quick Games Make Kids Laugh

Teaching Kids to Value Humor
365 Ways to Raise Great Kids by Sheila Ellison

There is no sound like laughter to lighten the mind's load. Families who value humor, who can laugh together, and who enjoy the sound of fun. have the only medicine money cannot buy. Those who befriend laughter learn early not to take life so seriously, seeing the humor in everyday events and experiences. Laughter can transform any moment in to a friendly, fun, and easy place.

Make Me Laugh Games:
It's fun to try to make someone else laugh. The following games can be played with kids and adults sitting in a circle, or two people sitting across from each other:

Pass the Laugh:
The first person says, "Ha" with a straight face, the next person says, "Ha, Ha" with a straight face. You keep adding Ha's until someone laughs. That person is out of the game.

Pass the Face:
In this game follow the same directions as above but you take turns making funny faces until someone laughs.

Staring Contest:
Have a staring contest. You stare at each other with no expression until someone starts to laugh.

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