Sunday, April 21, 2013

Alphabet Soup Sorters by Learning Resources

Product Review Sunday

My three-year-old charge loves the Alphabet Soup Sorters by Learning Resources. It provides her hours of entertainment and learning.

Each can holds one uppercase and one lowercase letter, plus five object cards featuring real-life photos on one side, with words on reverse. Playing the game supports alphabet awareness, letter sounds, and recognition of letter shapes. Also builds early vocabulary, oral language, sorting, and fine motor skills. The ways to play this game are limitless.
Younger children can match the letters to the cans or work on naming objects. Older children can identify the letter the objects begin with or can sort the pictures by beginning letter sound.

The game includes 130 die-cut photo cards, 52 color-coded letters (red vowels, blue consonants), and 26 cardboard cans with lids.The Activity Guide includes intervention strategies. I think it's a great educational toy for kids aged three-years-old through Kindergarten.

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