Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Painting With Bubble Wrap

Wednesdays with Whitney
By Whitney Ziebarth

Today’s craft was much more about the process than the final product. The unusual texture of bubble wrap is fun to touch and this activity gives little ones an excuse to do it for hours at a time.


Bubble wrap
Paint (washable tempura paint)


1. Simply add the paint to the bubble wrap and let them go crazy.

2. When all the paints are mixed and squished around, have the kids press paper on the bubble wrap.

3. It makes a neat print the kids will admire for about half a second before they start squishing the paint around again. The prints make good paper to cut cool shapes out of.

Warning: if you don’t like messes, stay away from this activity. We used lots of newspaper and I still had a significant amount to clean up off the counter.

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